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Turnkey Solutions

Power Tech Switzerland, being located in the central Europe and having channel partners in China, Japan, India, Singapore, Iran, Latin America and North America, is well suited to provide equipment and services all around the world. We can provide turnkey solutions among other products, engineering and services.

Power System Studies

Transient stability and controls studies

Quantify and locate the cause of damaging transients and identify solutions to minimize them or eliminate them.


Regulator Systems: Speed Governors for hydraulic turbines; Excitation systems for synchronous generators; Excitation Systems for Synchronous motors and compensators. Automations Systems: Automation systems for hydro or thermal plants; Systems for monitoring of processes in power generation. Protection Systems: Parameterization and commissioning of protection relays; Protection system retrofit Testing of relays with test box;

Studies of selectivity of protection

Determine the order of adjustments of protective devices; Increase the capacity of protective equipment for possible faults; Ensure the proper coordination of protective devices; Increase the reliability of the installation with appropriate adjustments.