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We can provide Consultancy and Design

In 2011 Mr. Fariborz Shokoofh founded Power Tech Switzerland AG which is specialized in the field of power systems engineering and manufacturing. We are able to deliver SCADA and Around the Generator (protection, speed control and excitation). We provide electrical equipment, electrical design services and field services.

Mr. Fariborz Shokoofh brings +40 years of experience in the field of SCADA and Around the Generator where he has held various positions in Engineering, Field Service, Sales and Management. He was responsible for ABB’s Excitation System business worldwide between 1999-2008 and oversaw all aspects of the operations as Vice President & General Manager.

Power Tech Switzerland is the co-owner of
“Reivax of Switzerland AG”

Power Tech Switzerland is the co-owner of “Reivax of Switzerland AG” which is now a top player in the engineering and manufacturing of control systems and automation applied in Hydroelectric, Thermoelectric and Nuclear power plants around the World.

Reivax is a global company with presence in South America (Florianopolis, Brazil), North America (Montreal, Canada) and Europe (Baden, Switzerland) with more than 1,100 systems installed in large (600MW) and small (1 MW) hydro, coal-fired, natural gas, and nuclear power plants as well as for various synchronous motor applications. Today Reivax employs more than 250 people and is recognized as one of the largest suppliers in the field of Static Excitation Systems, Automatic Voltage Regulators, Electronic Governors, Hydraulic Governor Solutions and Unit Control Systems.